Sunday, November 2, 2008

What it's all about

I was laid off recently. I had been working at my job for over 5 years. It was the first and only job I had out of grad school. I loved the people I worked with and the great benefits. Sometimes I even liked the job itself, if you can believe that. Anyways, the economy is slow and the company didn’t have enough money to keep paying everyone- so the layoffs began. It’s tough because I had a great situation. I was able to work from home twice a week and keep flexible hours. I was able to work and be a Mom with time to spend with my son (he turned 18 months old today). Now that I may not be able to find such a great situation I wonder if I want to go back to work at all. So, my journey begins.

Can I afford to stay home with my son? Will I be fulfilled intellectually by stay-at-home-motherhood? Will it be a waste of all that hard work and education that got me this far? Will I be less “employable” when I am ready to return to work? Does any of that matter as long as I give my son everything he needs?

I don’t know. This is where I plan to chronicle that journey. Wish me luck.

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Wayan @ OLPC News said...

Chin up girl, I've known you from before you were even employed. You'll do fine, and find a job that's even better than what you left.